Overview and Scrutiny Management Board
Thursday, 8th March 2018 at 5:00pm 









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  1. Cllr Estella Tincknell
  2. Cllr Estella Tincknell
  3. Cllr Estella Tincknell
  4. Cllr Anthony Negus
  5. Cllr Geoffrey Gollop
  6. Cllr Gill Kirk
  7. Lucy Fleming
  8. Lucy Fleming
  9. Cllr John Goulandris
  10. Cllr Steve Pearce
  11. Cllr Mark Bradshaw
  12. Cllr John Goulandris
  13. Cllr Donald Philip Alexander
  14. Cllr Steve Pearce
  15. Cllr Mark Bradshaw
  16. Cllr Mark Bradshaw
  17. Cllr John Goulandris
  18. Cllr Donald Philip Alexander
  19. Cllr Gill Kirk
  20. Cllr Tom Brook
  21. Cllr Gill Kirk
  22. Cllr Mark Bradshaw
  23. Cllr Tom Brook
  24. Cllr Tom Brook
  25. Cllr Gill Kirk
  26. Lucy Fleming
  27. Andrea Dell
  28. Lucy Fleming
  29. Cllr Estella Tincknell
  30. Lucy Fleming
  31. Cllr Estella Tincknell
  32. Lucy Fleming
  33. Cllr Tom Brook
  34. Cllr Gill Kirk
  35. Cllr Helen Holland
  36. Cllr Steve Pearce
  37. Cllr Tom Brook
  38. Cllr Donald Philip Alexander
  39. Cllr John Goulandris
  40. Cllr John Goulandris
  41. Cllr Estella Tincknell
  42. Cllr Charlie Bolton
  43. Cllr Estella Tincknell
  44. Cllr Steve Pearce
  45. Cllr Gill Kirk
  46. Cllr Donald Philip Alexander
  47. Lucy Fleming
  48. Cllr Donald Philip Alexander
  49. Cllr Anthony Negus
  50. Cllr Steve Pearce
  51. Cllr Charlie Bolton
  52. Cllr Mark Bradshaw
Cllr Donald Philip Alexander
Councillor for Avonmouth and Lawrence Weston
Labour Party
Cllr Charlie Bolton
Councillor for Southville
Cllr Mark Bradshaw
Councillor for Bedminster
Cllr Tom Brook
Councillor for Bishopston and Ashley Down
Labour Party
 Andrea Dell
Service Manager - Policy, Scrutiny & Executive Office
Bristol City Council
 Lucy Fleming
Scrutiny Co-ordinator
Bristol City Council
Cllr Geoffrey Gollop
Councillor for Westbury-on-Trym and Henleaze
Cllr John Goulandris
Councillor for Stoke Bishop
Cllr Helen Holland
Councillor for Hartcliffe and Withywood
Cllr Gill Kirk
Councillor for Lockleaze
Cllr Anthony Negus
Councillor for Cotham
Liberal Democrat
Cllr Steve Pearce
Councillor for St George Central
Cllr Estella Tincknell
Councillor for Lockleaze